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The Mansion at The MGM Grand hotel is modeled on an 18th century Florentine villa, and each of the 29 accommodations has its own private butler available around the clock. The Mansion's amenities include a lavish dining room, private pool and spa, as well as two chefs--one specializing in Asian cuisine, the other Continental--on-call to cook for you. (Catering is extra.) In fact, $5,000 per night only buys you a room--no board. The smallest villa is 2,900 square feet, but they range up to 9,000 square feet, for which the cost is $15,000 per night. If you're looking for a mansion-away-from-mansion, the staff members, who pick you up at the airport in a Rolls-Royce and remember your favorite wine, flowers and newspapers from last time, will make it worthwhile--even if Lady Luck doesn't.

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North Island is a secluded resort in the Seychelles, a small cluster of islands off the Eastern coast of Africa. The nightly rate gets your room and all meals and drinks (except premium champagne). Each of the eleven villas was handmade by Seychellois and African artisans, and measures at least 4,890 square feet. The villas have two bedrooms, one of which can be converted to a study for couples traveling alone, as well as air-conditioning, satellite TV and internet access. The staff relies heavily on the island's vegetable and herb gardens when preparing daily meals.

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